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Welcome to the Famos Forum. This website is intended as a resource for collectors of Famos and Veritas incandescent mantle paraffin lamps. After Aladdin, Famos are one of the commonest incandescent mantle paraffin lamps found in the UK but, unlike Aladdin lamps, there is very little information about them available. This website is intended to redress the balance. Before reading further, please note the following points.

1. Most of the information on this website is from work on my own collection, but some of it is scavenged from other sources or supplied by other contributors (see Appendix I). It is written from a U.K. perspective, and lamps sold in other countries are covered only briefly in the main narrative, and further in the appendices.

2. Information on this website is believed to be correct, but I accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of reading it.

3. This is a work in progress, and much of the information is tentative. As more information becomes available, it will be added to and corrected where necessary. If you know or believe that any of the information on this website is wrong, please email

4. New information is always welcome, particularly good-quality photos of any Famos models not shown on the website, and especially any Famos catalogues and/or sales literature. All contributions will be acknowledged.

5. This is not a live Q and A website, and I am not an expert on Famos lamps. If it isn’t on the website, I don’t know the answer at the moment. If you have questions not answered on this website, please post them on the Be-Back-Later forum, or the Guild of Lamp Researchers Q and A page. Much of the information on this website has been collated and condensed from answers to questions on the Lamp Guild Q and A page. Where this is the case they are referenced so you can view the whole discussion in the Q and A archives.

6. I do not do valuations of lamps you might want to buy or sell on Ebay, nor for any other reason. All such requests will be ignored.

7. I don’t do repairs, but my experiences in repairing Famos lamps are shared in the repairs section.
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